Spinal and extremity manipulation

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Experiencing pain or restricted movement in areas such as your back, shoulders or neck? Spinal and extremity manipulation can provide instant relief as well as a longer-term solution.

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How spinal manipulation works

This is a hands-on technique that involves applying small, rapid, precisely targeted thrusts to the affected area of your body. It uses movements which are within the body’s natural range but which you’ve become unable to perform yourself. And is often accompanied by a characteristic ‘popping’ sound.

While this might sound scary, it’s a safe and quick intervention carried out by our highly trained and experienced physical therapists. And for some back or joint problems, spinal and extremity manipulation can bring amazing results – reducing pain and restoring movement right away.

The benefits

  • Instant improvement in your condition.
  • Longer-term results too, when combined with other approaches.
  • Effective relief for joint pain.
  • Enhanced range of motion.
  • Improved blood circulation.


Which conditions can be helped by spinal manipulation?
Is spinal manipulation right for me?
Will it rectify my medical condition permanently?
How many treatments will I need?

"Very welcoming and upbeat practice! Jonathan has extensive knowledge and expertise with rehabilitative techniques and ensures the client understands his patient-focused treatment plans. I will need back surgery but will not hesitate to call Elevate when I am ready to complete my recovery."

Susan K

"I am so very happy with my progress towards complete recovery from my rotator cuff injury. I have been working with Jonathan since the beginning of December. He has answered my questions honestly and completely, given me exercises (both in-house and for home) to focus on specific areas of concern."


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