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Get in touch today to discover how Elevate can transform your physical health. Whether you are experiencing pain or reduced mobility, or recovering from a sports injury, we’re here to start you on your journey to feeling better. Contact us via our form or speak to us on 207 222 8055.

“At Elevate we are committed to working as a team with you and your medical providers to get you back to your life and doing the activities that you love.  Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior who has developed aches and pain, recovering from a surgery or just having difficulty with simple everyday tasks we are here for YOU.”

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If you’re wondering whether our treatments are right for you, come and meet one of our friendly physical therapists to find out. We’ll explore your issue and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions about what our therapies involve.

It’s completely free, there’s no obligation to go ahead with treatment, and you’ll get free expert guidance to help you weigh up your options.