Sole Supports™ orthotics

Taking positive steps

Sole Supports™ Orthotics helps correct your foot posture using a customized molded device. This can reduce pain and deformity, and prevent damage to the feet and many other parts of the body.

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How Sole Supports™ orthotics works

This therapy involves us analyzing the posture and function of your feet to create a corrective device for your feet. We mold both your feet in different positions, with particular attention given to your foot arches. This enables us to create tailor-made inserts to support and correct your foot position over the long-term.

Using the Sole Supports™ system, we take a cast of your feet in their perfect posture. Plus, we take into account your weight, activity and any pre-existing conditions. The resulting inserts which are shaped and calibrated just for your feet. This tackles existing pains and deformities, and helps prevents other problems that can be caused by an unhealthy foot posture.

The benefits

  • Alleviate a range of conditions relating to your feet.
  • Lower the risk of future foot pains and conditions.
  • Help reduce strain on other parts of the body, including knees and back.
  • Provide better support for sporting activities like running or skiing.
  • Inserts use pioneering technology and materials made to last.


Which conditions can be addressed using Sole Supports™ orthotics?
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Is Sole Supports™ orthotics appropriate for me?
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