Dry needling / Ultrasound dry needling

On-point pain relief

In dry needle therapy, we insert very fine needles into your body’s tissues. It allows us to target problem areas with precision, mitigating pain and tension, and helping you to move more freely.

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How dry needling works

In this therapy, tiny monofilament needles are pushed gently through your skin across the affected part of your body. These needles stimulate problem points, reducing pain and pressure, and restoring movement and flexibility. Dry needle therapy can help tackle the symptoms of a wide range of nerve, muscle and joint conditions.

The precise placement of the needles allows our practitioners to target areas of muscle, tendon, ligament and other tissue in a way that other treatments cannot. And our use of ultrasound technology allows us to be even more accurate in pinpointing the location where issues originate.

The benefits

  • Pain relief apparent immediately after treatment.
  • Helps restore bodily movement and function.
  • Can embed protective mechanisms to reduce future symptoms.
  • Precise, targeted intervention that harnesses the body’s own natural system without drugs.


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Is dry needling the same as acupuncture?
Is dry needling appropriate for me?
How many treatments will I need?

"Very welcoming and upbeat practice! Jonathan has extensive knowledge and expertise with rehabilitative techniques and ensures the client understands his patient-focused treatment plans. I will need back surgery but will not hesitate to call Elevate when I am ready to complete my recovery."

Susan K

"I am so very happy with my progress towards complete recovery from my rotator cuff injury. I have been working with Jonathan since the beginning of December. He has answered my questions honestly and completely, given me exercises (both in-house and for home) to focus on specific areas of concern."


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