Powerful treatment options

With a suite of effective therapies to draw on, Elevate provides a variety of options to improve your physical health condition. Whether you call on just one of our techniques – or a combination of two or three – you’re assured of an outstanding service tailored to your unique physical needs.

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Nothing is more important than health. When our bodies are in pain, or a medical condition restricts our movement, it can have a serious impact on how we feel and function.

At Elevate, we address the obstacles to your physical wellbeing and help you live life to its full potential.

We begin by getting a detailed picture of your health – listening to your experience and using rigorous science-based exploration to understand the problem. Then we devise a personalized treatment plan that includes one or more of the physical therapies in which we specialize.

Every body is unique so we devise a solution that’s most effective for your unique situation. We involve you closely and explain your treatment options clearly. This means you can choose a course of action which you’re comfortable with, which complements any existing medical care you are receiving, and which works with your lifestyle.

Our services

Dry needling / Ultrasound dry needling

Dry needling / Ultrasound dry needling

This treatment uses very fine needles to ease pain caused by a variety of muscular, joint and nerve conditions. While it sounds similar to acupuncture, our dry needling technique uses Western medical insights, such as using ultrasound technology for targeting problem areas with precision.

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Prescription corrective exercises

Prescription corrective exercises

We devise exercise programs tailored to your specific needs. These corrective exercises are prescribed like a medicine, and involve activities to do at our clinic and independently at home. The outcome is a long-lasting improvement in your condition, and a boost to mobility and strength.

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Sole Supports™ orthotics

Sole Supports™ orthotics

This treatment uses bespoke assessment, precision scanning and innovative technology to improve your foot posture. We create personalized orthotic devices to insert into your footwear in the long term. This addresses foot pains and conditions, and helps prevent damage and discomfort in your feet and elsewhere.

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Spinal and extremity manipulation

Spinal and extremity manipulation

A safe and high-impact technique to improve movement and relieve pain almost instantly – and with lasting benefits too. This treatment helps with a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal pathologies. Our highly trained and experienced professionals can assess whether it’s right for you.

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Outcome-oriented service

Our therapies are driven by evidence, delivered by experts, and proven to work.

At Elevate, we use FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes), a system that tracks the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments. So you can rest assured that our services are held to the highest standards – delivering quality care, real value and measurable improvements in your condition.

  1. Top 4%

    national rank in improvement for back/lumbar per case.

  2. 99%

    of clients would recommend Alliance PT to a friend.

  3. Top 6%

    national rank in improvement for neck/cervical per case.