Prescription corrective exercises

Set your recovery in motion

Our corrective exercises are designed to help your body to move better. These tailored activities can resolve bodily imbalances, treat pain or guide you through recovery from a specific injury.

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How prescription corrective exercises work

When helped in the right direction, your body has an incredible capacity for healing. Our corrective exercise programs direct you to improve your body’s function and movement through carefully devised physical activities. We prescribe these exercises like medication, providing bespoke instruction on what to do at home.

Prescription exercises begin with a thorough assessment of your condition and health goals. Whether it’s long-term pain or trauma caused by injury, we identify the source of the imbalance and the bodily compensations that are contributing to your condition. We then prescribe targeted actions to address these issues. With effort and a commitment to completing your exercises, the results can be transformative.

The benefits

  • Build up your body’s strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance.
  • A drug-free therapy for pain, stiffness and restricted movement.
  • Create the right posture habits for long-term health maintenance.
  • Improve balance and stability, reducing the risk of future problems.


Which conditions can prescription corrective exercises help with?
Is corrective exercise right for me?
What kind of exercises does corrective exercise involve?
How long will I need to continue with the prescribed exercises?

"Very welcoming and upbeat practice! Jonathan has extensive knowledge and expertise with rehabilitative techniques and ensures the client understands his patient-focused treatment plans. I will need back surgery but will not hesitate to call Elevate when I am ready to complete my recovery."

Susan K

"I am so very happy with my progress towards complete recovery from my rotator cuff injury. I have been working with Jonathan since the beginning of December. He has answered my questions honestly and completely, given me exercises (both in-house and for home) to focus on specific areas of concern."


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